In many countries, as a field of study and expertise; real estate management (land, resource and facility) issues are evolving. In Turkey, specific real estate investments such as mass housing, sites, offices/luxurious residences and lofts, airports, marinas, industrial zones, stadiums and sport clubs are increasing rapidly as capital investments of both citizens and foreigners are booming in this field. It is monitored that there are significant deficiencies in professionalization and organizing in the fields of project and construction management, facility-real estate-asset management and there is an inadequacy of professional development and institutionalization due to various reasons as well as a negative effect of management problems on return and value of investments despite the increase of capital investments on the real estate sector. The need for facility and resource management experts and organizations is rapidly increasing as a requirement of the urban transformation and development activities.

As it continuously grows and develops, facility management is one of the highest employment providing sectors of Turkey. There is a strong need for education, research and training of human resources in the field of facility management. In order to educate experts required in this field, undergraduate and graduate degree programs of the Department of Real Estate Development and Management of Ankara University are being implemented and the work for international accreditation of these programs by the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) has been started. It was decided to organize an international conference and discuss the main problems of the sector and solutions on 10-11 October 2019 by the Facility Management Association (TRFMA), which was founded in 2017 with the gathering of the leading national and international corporate firms from the facility and resource management sector and Ankara University Real Estate Development and Management Department. Besides examination of problems of the sector at the International Conference on Facility Management to be held in Ankara with attendance of facility management specialists at the national and international levels within this framework, emerging methods in facility management are going to be discussed in terms of professional standards, technological change and transformation applications and theoretical and application skills of best practices of facility management in various fields and development of University-Public-Private relations are going to be enabled. Special attention will be paid to the opening of booths by willing firms active in the facility management sector in the conference area and the current practices to be shared with the participants.

Themes of the Conference:

FM Practices

  • A Holistic View of Facility Management in the EU, US, Asia and Turkey; Shortcomings and Points to Take into Consideration
  • Local Regulations and International Standards for FM
  • FM Credentials and FM Education

Real Estate and Asset Management

  • Real Estate as a Service
  • Implementation of Asset Management in FM
  • Building Technology and Construction Management Regarding Facilities
  • Creating an Increasing Value in FM
  • Sustainable Design, Operation and Management of FM

Strategic Facility Management & FM Practices & Strategic Sustainability

  • Facility Managers in Action – Successful Management Examples- Facility Management Skills
  • Project Management in FM
  • Finance and Cost Saving Strategies in FM
  • Leadership and Management
  • Optimizing Resources and HR Management
  • Design, Energy and Time Savings in FM
  • Experiences of the Implementation Team
  • Providing Security for Commercial Office Buildings
  • Innovation in FM & Future FM for Next Generation
  • Health and Safety
  • FM at the Time of Disasters
  • Females in Facility Management and Gender Inequality

Work Places and The Working Environment & New Job Opportunities

  • Workplace Experience
  • Employee Centered Workplaces and Workplace Effectivity
  • Workplace Air and Light Quality
  • The Changing Nature of Work

Latest Technology & Data Management in FM

  • Smart Cities, Intelligent Buildings and FM
  • Internet of Buildings
  • Role Of Facilities Management in Smart Buildings
  • AI and Robotics in FM
  • AR and VR Applications in FM
  • Use of Blockchain in Real Estate and FM
  • Industry 4.0
  • Digital Twins

Graduate Students Presentations

  • MSc. and PhD. Thesis Presentations
  • Plant Experiments Analysis and Case Study Presentations