Video Competition Rules titled “PROBLEMS IN FACILITY MANAGEMENT”

1- Undergraduate students registered in any faculty may apply for the competition titled “Problems in Facility Management”.
2- Students must prove their studentship with a written document or identity card.
3- Students can only apply individually.
4- A video will be prepared showing the problems and solutions, if any, of any facility (e.g. Hospital, Shopping Center, etc.) for a maximum of three minutes.
5- Prepared videos will be uploaded to conference website.
6- Videos will be voted by the participants during the conference and award ceremony will be held for the winners at the end of the conference.
7- Students participating in “Problems in Facility Management” video competition are required to add Turkish subtitles to the video they prepare.
If the video has already been submitted, the subtitle should be added to the video and the video should be resubmitted.

Applications will be closed on September 15th, 2019.